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Vigilink IT

Vigilink IT is a Dubai based full-service IT Company busy building top-notch digital products, brands, and experiences. We are a data-driven company, creating scalable, robust, reliable, and most importantly, user-friendly products, ensuring easy navigation and targeted brand promotion using modern software technology and strategically collaborated effort. We aim to deliver high-quality digital solutions across the categories, tailored to our clients’ custom needs. We don’t just provide services to our clients, we play a role in their journey, and we support them in their every endeavour.

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IT Services in Dubai

Business and information technology are intertwined intimately. In today’s competitive business environment, smart technology use helps your company stand out.
We provide a broad variety of IT services to meet your specific needs and assist you in achieving rapid organisational growth. Your company will genuinely benefit from our creative and economical solutions in terms of productivity and profitability. It has become crucial for a business to have the correct IT support due to the growing complexity of technology in order to sustain efficient operations. We can improve the value of your company through our IT support techniques.

Social Media Marketing

Let us help you reach new customers, engage with existing customers, and promote your brand.

Marketing Support

We bring your story to life and communicate the core values of your brand to the right audience.

Community Management

We’ll become the voice and human element behind your brand.

Digital Marketing

We help our clients increase brand awareness, traffic and sales.

Content Creation

Our talented in-house creative team take pride in bringing your brand to life through photo, video, graphics and more.

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Web Development

Our website developer works closely with you to understand your business challenges and user needs to help you reach your goals efficiently and successfully.

We can help you providing amazing commerce experiences that will help you in engaging and converting buyers across channels and devices, whether your digital strategy involves one e-commerce site or numerous, B2C or B2B, local or international. So you can be ready to embrace digital transformation now and also in the future.

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Brand identity expert in Vigilink IT with a full spectrum of brand and marketing services helping you stand out in the industry.

Understanding your business and users is essential for gaining insights from various research approaches. Investigate insights to develop and prioritise a strategic plan to achieve goals. Detailed product design, from basic concept to pixel-perfect mockups. Collect user feedback and iterate to test the effectiveness of the prototypes.

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Application Development

We have the right knowledge, skills, and resources to develop and deliver the right solution to your business problems.

Applications have helped local and international clients in all major industries automate and improve their operations. We leverage a variety of proprietary and open-source technologies and frameworks to create powerful and user-friendly applications that can be accessed through any modern web browser.

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Software Development

Our unique blend of people, process and software technology encourages us to deliver quality software to help you build a competitive edge using technology.

Vigilink Information Technology has been designing and creating software for various business needs. Many software are produced in-house to help cater to different need of our clientele. These software are used in communication, healthcare, and finance fields.

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Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM or Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and more, we deliver best results to help you reach out to a larger audience.

Vigilink IT has hired expert marketers to help clients in digital marketing of their digital products. It includes Google ads, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and use of Google Analytics for performance marketing.

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Photo & Videography

A talented team of photographers and videographers offering bespoke services to individuals, groups, or companies.

With our photography and videography services, we can makeover your brand’s image in no time. Aside from that, we also have experience in creating documentaries for our clients, and if you want to tell your brand’s story with our services, we’ll be there to help. From storybuilding to direction and production – our team can do it all.

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Platforms We Use.

Providing your business a digital transformation

VigilinkIT supports your firm for the digital and global future with software, technology, and processes. We use worlds most popular platforms like C#, Python, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Kotlin, PHP, C, C++, Laravel, React and many other programming platforms.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is moving new principles of business and development. It isn’t just about consolidating new innovation into a business; it’s a seismic change, disturbing nearly all that structures ventures.